Private Sessions


Let’s work together, you and I. Let’s create an inspirational and heart opening time for you. Perhaps you would like to prepare for giving birth, whether it is in the hospital, at a birth center, or at home. We talk about hopes, expectations, fears and what you can do to move closer to how you want to feel within yourself when you birth.

Perhaps you are feeling stressed, anxious or concerned about anything related to pregnancy, birth or becoming a mother. I help you move through and past anything that is keeping you stuck. I guide you to open up to the moment, be with what is -the good, the bad and the beautiful – and to use it to grow.

Perhaps you just want to savor this time and connect more deeply with yourself and your baby.

However you feel, I am here to bring ease to this life transition.

$125.00 – Initial 90 minute session, $85.00 – 60 minute session (All sessions in person, or by phone or skype)


Mindful Birthing Class


This 3 part workshop examines how mindful awareness during pregnancy expands ones capacity to be self-reflective and be a more compassionate and responsive parent. Self-awareness enhances the experience of being pregnant, giving birth and postpartum.

In the two prenatal segments, we will discuss the stages of labor, the connection between body and mind during pregnancy and birth, your partner’s role, and breathing as a resource for coping with stress pain and challenging emotions. You will learn to pay closer attention to your body, mind and heart in order to build a foundation for nurturing yourself and connecting with your baby.

Our third workshop centers around breastfeeding and how it fosters trust and provides for secure attachments between baby and parents. We will explore how breastfeeding nurtures your evolving development as responsive parents, why breast milk is best, different infants breastfeeding styles, positions and latch-on, supply and demand, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk.

This class is co-taught with my amazing colleague and friend, Diane Berger, RN.

$225.00 / couple for 3 part workshop, $185.00 for 2 part prenatal segment, $40.00 for breastfeeding segment

Next class will be Saturday, August 15th and Sat, Aug. 22nd from 9:30-1:00 at Sunrise Birthing Center, Breastfeeding Segment on Tuesday, Sept. 1st from 6:45-8:45 @ alternate location.

Personalized Birthing Preparation

Often couples request a private birthing class. This could be because of full schedules or simply because the couple would like an intimate space to talk and ask questions related to specific issues they are wanting to focus on. So often, couples state that they love this time together, which provides a wonderful opportunity for them to connect, communicate and develop more confidence and assurance towards approaching the birth.

$250.00 for 2 Private Classes, 2 hours each.

 “We loved this time together with you! It gave us an chance to talk not only about the birth, but also about how we were changing as a couple. It was time carved out just for us and helped us realize what was really valuable about our relationship.”~B.W.


Pregnancy Circle

Started 5 years ago, the Pregnancy Circle is an inspiring group for expectant mamas. This is a time to connect with other women who are pregnant, connect with yourself on a deeper level and connect with your growing baby. Pregnancy is a time of great preparation, and sometimes can be quite busy, especially if you are working or have other children. This is an opportunity to slow down, breathe and focus on what is present for you within your body, mind and heart. Thoughtful dialogue, mindful breathing and creative exercises to nurture your inner life as an emerging mother. First group is free!

Meeting every other Wednesday at Sunrise Birthing Center

Click here to read my article “The Pregnancy Circle”

“You are truly the perfect person to run a group of this nature- the combination of your warmth and naturally supportive and open demeanor, creates an instant feel of calmness and welcoming. You put everyone at ease and allowed us to feel safe in the environment you created. Our discussions and the activities we did also helped in more ways than you could know. They truly made the months and weeks leading up to my birth a precious time that I will always cherish.” ~E.Z.

Doula Care

services02Being present at your birth is the ultimate honor. My role as a doula is support you in pregnancy as you lead up to giving birth. I am present at your birth, providing physical and emotional support to both you and your partner. I have accompanied women through hospital births, both vaginal and cesarean, home and birth center births. I am interested in how you feel as you are birthing. How you arrive to your birth within yourself. My work focuses on helping you feel empowered, nurtured and respected.

My doula package is as follows:

$800.00 Labor Support, This includes :

2 prenatal home visits: I meet with you and your partner to discuss your hopes, expectations, anything you may be concerned about and how you envision my role in your birth. This is where we build trust and clear communication.

Attendance at your labor and birth: I go on call for you 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date. I stay on call until you go into labor.

1 Postpartum Home Visit: I come to you at your home to meet and talk about how your birth was for you. I am there to listen, make sure breastfeeding is going smoothly, offer referrals if needed and of course, hold your baby, if you would like to take an uninterrupted shower.

“Your energy, smile, the authentic and compassionate words, your eye contact, the warmth and beauty in your touch, and your strength from experience and knowledge are what I mostly admire and respect. “A.D.



Nurturing New Mamas and Families

Integrating your new baby into the home can raise many questions and concerns. I provide in home postpartum support to help ease the transition through the wondrous and vulnerable weeks and months following the birth. I assist you in finding your own groove. I encourage you to develop skills for parenting as well as creating balance in your life as a parent.

This service is can be especially helpful when you live far from family or have relocated to a new town and do not yet have a support network. Quite often partners need to return to work, there are other children to be taken care of or you are recovering from a cesarean or an especially intense labor and birth. Or perhaps you feel as though you would like more support emotionally, like an ear to listen as you are integrating your new role as a mother. I provide an caring ear and heart, arms to hold your baby, and hands to help out in your home.

Contact Laurel for pricing, as each families needs vary from weekly to monthly support.



Grieving a Loss

There are those times when a woman experiences a miscarriage or later term pregnancy loss. This is rarely talked about in our culture, yet happens to more women that we are led to believe. I offer empathy, psycho-education, awareness and wholehearted listening as you experience and process your grief. We work together to heal your body, mind and heart in a gentle, nurturing way.

“Thank you for the space you gave me to grieve. It was a gift. It was not something I had to get over, it was something I had to move through.” ~ A. R.