Ripple Effect

We all have the ability to create change. I believe we are able to effect the lives of those in our community, as well as the lives of people on the other side of the planet. Our efforts are like ripples that can reach those on distant shores.

Today, on our earth, there are 360,000 births occurring. That means there are 250 births happening each minute. When I stopped to think about this, I wondered about all the women in the world that are living in poverty and fighting for their lives as they live in war torn countries. What is it like for these women in pregnancy? What is it like for a woman to not know if she will receive any medical care or any assistance or shelter when she goes into labor? What is it like for a woman to wonder if she and her baby will be safe and survive?

A great part of my work is empowering women to feel safe and confident in birth and in parenthood. For most women, living in countries affected by poverty and war, pregnancy is a very scary situation to be in.

For more than 50 years, CARE has worked in countries with some of the highest maternal mortality rates and some of the highest unmet needs for family planning services to improve health and reduce maternal and newborn mortality. CARE works towards ensuring safe pregnancy and birth are a basic human right.CARE vertical logo fundraising toolkit 12-2013

Working with communities hit by natural disasters and war, CARE helps keep women and girls healthy and safe. This organization puts a special focus on girls and women when distributing food and emergency supplies. CARE provides girls with education, raises awareness about violence against women, and provides maternal health services and teach mothers skills they need to rebuild their family’s lives.

I donate a portion of all of my services to CARE, a non profit organization working in 86 countries around the world to support over 900 poverty-fighting development and emergency projects. I specifically aid their projects of safeguarding health for mothers and families.

So, every time we work together, you will be helping a woman less fortunate than you. You will make a difference in her and her baby’s life. We all have the ability to make ripples. And, sometimes, we can even make waves.