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Being Centered

Finding one’s center is one of the most valuable resources a woman could have. By center, I am referring to that place within yourself that is wise and true. We all have it, even if you haven’t felt it in a while. It’s there. It is that place within yourself that inherently knows what you need. When we are centered, we’re not pretending that everything is fine and putting on a happy face. We’re not ignoring our own needs and putting everyone’s needs over own own. We are connected to ourselves in this moment right now. We are aware of how we are feeling in our bodies and our hearts. Usually when we are centered, we aren’t in our heads. Our heads are usually the part of us that can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried or upset. When we are centered, we can acknowledge where we are, how we are feeling and express that, thus creating an opportunity for getting our needs met. In motherhood, when a woman is able to connect with herself and how she is feeling physically and emotionally, she has created more of an opportunity to be open, respond and connect with her baby.

First Blog Post


It’s not how you birth , It’s HOW you birth!

My work is built upon the belief that it doesn’t matter so much what your birth looks like. Some will birth at home. Some will birth at a birth center. Some will birth at the hospital. Some will birth squatting. Some will birth flat on their back with their ankles up by their ears. Some will birth by cesarean. Some will birth with no medication. Some will birth with medication. Some will birth in the company of family and friends. Some will birth solely with their partner. Some will birth all alone. Some will cry out. Some will stay quiet. Some will feel bliss. Some will feel sheer pain. Some will birth with their eyes squeezed shut. Some will birth with their eyes wide open.

But, how beautiful would it be if we could all birth with our hearts wide open?

What matters to me is how you feel when you birth. How you feel within your heart.

What would it be like if we were able to show up to our births with an open heart, open eyes and open to all possibilities, regardless if they are in theĀ plan or not. How would that feel?

What if we were able to be so open that we could respond to each moment, regardless of what it looked like. We could be thereĀ and take in the subtle nuances and beautiful moments and store them in the memory bank. We could even take in the pieces of the experience that aren’t so beautiful, but that are still a part of one’s story. Whether your birth is exactly how you envisioned or whether it is completely different, it is still your baby’s birth. And it’s yours.

How do we honor ourselves enough to show up and not be at the mercy of the multitude of external circumstances that could possibly occur? How do we find our center and breathe in our own innate ability to stay in the miracle of each moment, whether it feels good or not?

We all have our own answers. Let’s find them.