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Being Centered

Finding one’s center is one of the most valuable resources a woman could have. By center, I am referring to that place within yourself that is wise and true. We all have it, even if you haven’t felt it in a while. It’s there. It is that place within yourself that inherently knows what you need. When we are centered, we’re not pretending that everything is fine and putting on a happy face. We’re not ignoring our own needs and putting everyone’s needs over own own. We are connected to ourselves in this moment right now. We are aware of how we are feeling in our bodies and our hearts. Usually when we are centered, we aren’t in our heads. Our heads are usually the part of us that can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried or upset. When we are centered, we can acknowledge where we are, how we are feeling and express that, thus creating an opportunity for getting our needs met. In motherhood, when a woman is able to connect with herself and how she is feeling physically and emotionally, she has created more of an opportunity to be open, respond and connect with her baby.