Can you imagine feeling confident and centered in the midst of the many unknowns? What would that be like? Hmmm. Let’s find out…

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Welcome. I am so glad you are here.

I nurture, support and inspire expectant parents hearts as they cross the threshold into new parenthood. Through individual sessions, pregnancy circles, prenatal classes, doula care and postpartum support, I take the stress, concern and worry out in order to help you enjoy the process of becoming a parent.

I love supporting women and their partners throughout this magically transformative time. I believe that every woman has a deep well of inner strength and wisdom that is waiting to be dipped into. Pregnancy is an extraordinary window of opportunity to understand who we were, experience who we are now and grow into who we want to be, in the midst of a multitude of changes.

Think about it. Pregnancy is one of the biggest life transitions a woman will experience. Her body, mind, heart and extermal world all change simultaneously as she embarks on this path. When is there a time in our life when all of these aspects are changing together, all at the same time?

Let’s make the most out of your beautiful pregnancy to prepare you for how you birth and for how you live.

About Me

about01I am a wife, mother of two amazing kids and I happily reside in the beautiful seaside town of Ventura, California. I love my children. They have taught me more than I could ever dream.

At the core of my life and work is the belief in the heart. I believe there is so much more to birth preparation than taking a class. I believe in preparing from the inside out, the new mother’s heart being the central focus to nurture and strengthen.

I believe in every woman’s ability to know what she needs. Sometimes that requires great listening. Sometimes we hear it loud and clear. There can be power in the still moments, as we can find answers in the quiet moments we spend with ourselves.

“Laurel is a gift to all mommies and babies.” ~C.H.